Log on to Licensed Building Practitioners Online Services

You can use the LBP online system to:

  • Update your personal details eg, your addresses, email, and phone numbers
  • Update your skills maintenance diary
  • Relicence every year (Annual contact), which includes automated licensing and payment by credit card.

When you first logon you need to create an RealMe account, which will be your username and password. You should write your username and password down as you will need these every time you logon.

You will need your activation code which is on your confirmation letter that came with your welcome pack or telephone us on 0800 60 60 50 if you have misplaced it.

Are you a new RealMe user?

Click on the "create an account" link on the right to start creating one

Have you got an existing RealMe logon?

You can use your existing RealMe logon.
Click on the "Login" button on the right and enter your existing username and password.

Do you have an igovt login?

If you have an existing igovt Login, Your igovt login has become your RealMe login, but your username and password are the same. Just login as usual.

need some help?

Contact RealMe Help Desk on Freephone 0508 633 564 or if from overseas  +64 3 962 6242 between 8:30am to 5:00PM Monday to Friday  (charges apply outside NZ).